Susan will teach you how to garden, in your own garden! Her approach is hands-on, based on your particular landscape and garden situation and customized to your own level of gardening experience.


Spring Start-Up: Lay the groundwork for a healthy and successful season. Assess and prepare your soil properly, identify which plants are best adapted to your conditions, learn planting and maintenance techniques that will ensure good establishment and reduce work through the summer. Learn to rejuvenate plants that have poor form or stress from the environment or age.

Summer Maintenance: Learn how to target your garden tasks for maximum enjoyment and health of your landscape. Take the mystery out of fertilization, learn how to groom your plants for best show and longevity, master sustainable garden practices that reduce water use, weeds, and  pest problems.

Fall Focus:  The best time for many gardening tasks! From soil assessment and preparation, dividing perennials, renovating a lawn, and planting trees and shrubs, take advantage of the cooler temperatures to get your landscape and garden in perfect condition before winter.

Winter Planning:  Evaluate your gardening successes, and where you need to improve. Plan new garden projects:   learn how to select the site and size of your new vegetable garden, which plants you might want to start from seed (and how to start them), brainstorm ideas for sprucing up the entrance to your home, etc. And bundle up to go outdoors, too:  late winter is a great time to learn about pruning many of your trees and shrubs.

Rates: $60 per hour (1/2 hour increments) for sites within 15 miles of Poughkeepsie. Additional mileage fee ($0.56) charged for distances greater than 15 miles.